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Tell Auntie PIA, She Can Sort it Out!


The legal speed limit in Thailand for all passenger vehicles and motorcycles is 80 - 90 kilometers per hour.

Setting and enforcing speed limits is one of the most effective measures in reducing road traffic injuries, however, speed limits should be set appropriately for the various conditions especially in urban areas where there is high concentration of pedestrians and cyclists sharing roads with motorized vehicles. A one size fits all approach, that currently exists, is not the answer.

With the new cabinet approval allowing each province to set appropriate speed limits within their own jurisdiction, The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation) is inviting Bangkokians to join the #ฟ้องป้าเปีย (Tell Auntie PIA) campaign and help identify areas of high risk. AIP Foundation will hand over all the comments, images and opinions to the various agencies with the goal to establish pilot safe speed zones around Bangkok. There are prizes for the best comments and opinions!


Search for the ฟ้องป้าเปีย fanpage on Facebook or simply click on this link here to go straight to the “Tell Aunt PIA” video. Leave a comment on the video plus a photo or send us a message to our fan page inbox telling us which area you are from and how speeding is affecting your community. Remember, there are prizes to be won for the best comments and opinions!

Upload an image or a video to your instagram account, tell us which area you are from and how speeding is affecting your community. Don’t for the the #ฟ้องป้าเปีย hashtag and to make your upload public. Say hi to us @fongpapia

Tweet us with your story plus photos @fongpapia together with the hashtag #ฟ้องป้าเปีย

Or you can just even email us at


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